Fair Play

At Apne11, it is our sincere endeavour to ensure that all our users enjoy this fantasy sports game platform in a seamless manner. To this end, it is extremely crucial, that we offer a Fair Play opportunity to all the users, at all times. Hence, we have laid down some guidelines for us to follow, and for our users to know. These include –

Opportunities and Limitations

All our users who are inclined to select a team for a given match are offered with a budget of 100 credits.

In addition, the composition of the teams that can be formulated is limited by the guidelines laid down by Apne11. For instance, every user playing fantasy cricket is thus allowed to pick a pre-fixed number of batsmen and bowlers along with all-rounder and wicket keepers. As a matter of fact, there is also a set limit on the number of players that can be selected from any given real-life team.

Player Credits

The credits needed to select a player is pre-fixed for each match or contest. This ensures that the prices do not fluctuate for any given player, based on his/her performance, thus providing an equal opportunity to each user to play in a fair manner.


The deadline for every match is initiated, exactly 1 hour before the stipulated time of the match’s beginning. This is done to make sure that our users enjoy a level playing field as they wouldn’t be able to make any last minutes changes based on the playing 11. This aspect ensures that every user enjoys the same advantages and is restricted by the same limitations.

Team Tracker

One your team is chosen, and the deadline is crossed, you can download all the team compositions for that particular contest. The team tracker feature of Apne11 enables you to keep a track of your own team and those of others’ to help you gauge where are you headed with the contest.

Scoring and Pay-Outs

At Apne11, it is our ardent wish to see our users win and enjoy their favourite fantasy sports game to the fullest. It is for this reason, that we have taken certain measures to help the users stay confident about the entire process. These measures include –

  • The current score for every match is sourced from the most reliable scoring feeds offered by Apne11’s trusted service providers.
  • At Apne11, we have a streamlined scoring system, which enables the calculation of points. This system is illustrated on all our platforms, for ease of access.
  • The payout for each contest winner is communicated in a transparent manner. The payout is immediately processed and is credited to the user’s account at the earliest possible.
Verified Users

At Apne11, we always strive to entertain only genuine players on the platform. In a bid to do so, we ensure that all our users abide by the stringent guidelines set by us. Moreover, we do not tolerate any violation of our Fair Play Policy.

Hence, if our users wish to withdraw their winnings, they’re required to provide authentic verification for their account. To this effect, they need to furnish government issues IDs such as PAN Card or Aadhar Card, along with their Bank Account Details. The details are then verified with the relevant authorities.

Secure Payments

At Apne11, we have collaborated with third-party payment gateways that are not only reliable but also well-known. The 3-D secure authentications employed by these gateways ensure the complete safety and confidentiality of all financial transactions on our platform.

In a bid to make our users feel as secure as possible, we do not save any credit/debit card information with us.

Employee Restrictions

Apne11 employees are all prohibited from participating in any paid-formats of games or cash contests on the platform.


Apne11 platform only includes Fantasy Sports Games that are primarily skilled based, and are in compliance with the Indian Laws. You can take a brief look at Legality page for further information on the same.


It is our belief, that a trust-based relationship can only be fostered via a two-way communication, which is why, we have taken sincere efforts for our user to get in touch with us, regarding their doubts, queries and grievances. Kindly visit Contact Us page to know more.

User Info Protection

Right from the bank account details to government issued IDs along with credit and debit card, any personal information that the user closes to Apne11 is used for operational purposes only. This information is completely secure with us, and in no circumstances will be disclosed to any outside parties.

Responsible Play

In an attempt to ensure responsible play, Apne11 adheres to certain measures such as –

  • Users below the age of 18 are not allowed to participate in the paid formats of our fantasy games, or in any cash contests.
  • In an instance, when the accrued loss of any user exceeds the sum of INR 25,000, they are notified of the same.
  • Every user is allowed to participate in a maximum of 100 cash contests, for any given match.
No Cash Transactions

Apne11 does not allow any cash transactions on the platform.