Make Your Own IPL Fantasy Cricket Team and Play


With Apne11, you can easily make your own cricket team and play the best of online fantasy cricket games.

You can start by choosing a match that you want to play. Next, you can create your fantasy cricket team by selecting 11 players, complete with a captain and a vice-captain. Your team should comprise of at least 3 batsmen, 3 bowlers, an all-rounder and a wicket-keeper.

Remember, you have to select your fantasy cricket team by staying in your allotted budget of 100 credits. While you can chose players from both side, only a maximum of 7 players can be picked from any given side. Please note that if any player chosen by you does not feature in the playing 11, you will not be rewarded with any points.

Combo Wicket-Keeper Batsmen All-Rounder Bowlers Total
Combo 1152311
Combo 2 1514 11
Combo 3 1415 11
Combo 4 1424 11
Combo 51433 11
Combo 6 1325 11
Combo 7 133411