Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start playing on Apne11?

In order to play on the platform, all you need to do is –

  • Register yourself on
  • Next, choose the sport you wish to play. Apne11 supports Cricket, Football and Kabaddi based online fantasy games.
  • Choose the match you wish to join.
  • Go to the ‘Create Team’ link, and choose your dream team. For cricket, you will be required to pick a team of 11 players, complete with a captain and a vice-captain, within the allocated budget of 100 credits.
  • Save your team.
  • You can now join a practice contest or participate in a cash contest. Please note that cash contests will need you to pay an entry fee, which can be paid using your credit/debit cards, e-wallet, or net banking services.
  • When the live match begins, the players of your team will earn points on the basis of their performance.When the match is over, Apne11 will display the results complete with final points score by each participant and their respective ranks. Winners will also be declared on the platform.

When exactly does a Fantasy Cricket Game start?

On Apne11, as soon as the deadline for a match ends, the game can be deemed as started. Usually, the deadline is 1 hour prior to the scheduled start time of the match.

What is the process for selecting a team?

Once you log in at Apne11, you will first need to choose a match that you wish to play. You can then create your dream team by selecting 11 players, complete with a captain and a vice-captain. Your team should comprise of at least 3 batsmen, 3 bowlers, an all-rounder and a wicket-keeper. Once done, do not forget to click on the ‘Save Your Team’ tab.

Remember, you have to select you fantasy cricket team by staying in your allotted budget of 100 credits. While you can choose players from both sides, only a maximum of 7 players can be picked from any given side.

Does the pricing of players change on Apne11?

Yes. The player pricing is reviewed at regular intervals and can be changed if need be. However, such changes are not made when a contest is open and the process of selection is still going on.

Do I need to change my team for future matches?

Yes. As a part of our fair play policy, we at Apne11 require the participants to create a new team for each match.

What if any of the players of my chosen team do not play in the match?

If any player chosen by you does not feature in the playing 11, you will not be rewarded with any points. Hence, it is recommended to choose your team carefully.

I am unable to choose all 11 players since I’ve exhausted my budget. What do I do?

As challenging as it might seem, you need to make your team of 11 only using the allocated 100 credits.

Why do I need to choose a Captain for my team?

Well, a cricket team is incomplete without a competent captain. And for what it’s worth, the points earned by your chosen captain will get doubled. In case of the vice-captain, the points earned with be multiplied into 1.5.

Am I allowed to make changes in my team?

Yes, you are allowed to make unlimited changes in your team. But these changes can be made only prior to the deadline for any given match.

When will the changes get reflected?

The changes will instantly reflect on your team, right in the blink of an eye.

Am I allowed to make changes in my team during the match?

Unfortunately, no. Fantasy cricket is about putting your skills to good use. Hence, you can only edit your team prior to the stipulated deadline for any match.

Are the match squads updated on Apne11?

Yes, of course. As matter of fact, the squads are updated up until the deadline for any given match.
This is done on the basis of the alerts given by our trusted group of service providers.

How and where can I see the rank of my team?

Simply click on the match for which you’ve created your team. Next, select the ‘Joined’ tab. Here, you can click on the ‘Show’ tab to view the points scored by your team as well as its rank, along with that of other teams.

Am I allowed to change the name of my team?

Unfortunately, no. Your team name is permanent and we, therefore, urge you to select it with utmost care.

Can I create multiple teams for a single match?

Sure you can! Once you have created the first team for a match, you will see the option – ‘Create Team 2’. You can simply click on the same to proceed further.

Is there a maximum number of teams that I can create for one match?

Yes. You’re allowed to create a maximum of 6 distinct teams for any given match.

Can I use multiple teams to join a single contest?

Sorry. You’re allowed to join only 1 contest with any team. However, you can always look for contests, which allow ‘Multiple Entry’, and play with one or more teams.

Can I join a contest, and then chose the team I want to play with?

Absolutely. You can do so by choosing your preferred team from the ‘Joined Contests’ tab. However, do remember, you can do so, only before the match deadline.