ICC T20 World Cup Fantasy League

About The Tournament

The ICC T20 World Cup tournament, which was incepted a decade back in the year 2007, is one of the most prestigious cricketing events in the world when it comes to the fastest format of the game. Essentially an international championship, this tournament is played once in every two years, with the only exception being the 2009 and 2010 world cups, being played in consecutive years. A regular affair and a coveted one at that the tournament has been welcomed with open arms by the entire cricket fraternity across the globe.


The tournament is played with 16 teams in total, with 10 of them being the ICC full members, while the rest six are chosen on the basis of the World Twenty20 Qualifier.

While India emerged as the winner of the first T20 World Cup ever played under the dependable captainship of the young and dynamic skipper MS Dhoni, West Indies has been acing the list with as many as two titles in its kitty already! The second and third titles of the series were clinched by Pakistan and England respectively. When it comes to individual performances, Shahid Afridi from Pakistan has emerged as the most successful bowler with 39 wickets by far, and Mahela Jayawardene from Sri Lanka has come up to be the most successful batsman with a whopping 1,016 runs to his credit. For all we know, the T20 World Cup has been an exhilarating roller coaster ride for the participating ever since its very inception. Given the short format and a large number of nations participating in the game, the league has also managed to woo fans in an unprecedented manner.

Play ICC World T20 Fantasy League Online

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