Frequently Asked Questions

There are various questions that must have cropped up before playing any fantasy game. Here’s ,all you need to know for playing these games.

Why choose Apne11?

Apne11 is one of the best websites to play the fantasy games online. You can showcase your skills of sports and win exciting cash prizes.

Why do I play Fantasy sports?

The answer of this question is very simple. Fantasy games are just meant for entertainment and fun. So, if you are dedicated football lover and possess a player skill, then you should play this game for self-satisfaction and to enhance the knowledge of your favorite sport.

How can I register myself for playing fantasy sports?

You need to fill a short form or you can register with FB login. Your Apne11 account will get registered with your Facebook account. Once you get registered then you can play these games.

What happen if I forget the password?

In case, you forgot your credentials or password, then you need to click on forgot password link and then a link will be send by us on your registered email address and you can reset your password by click on that link.

How can I recover my email ID if I forget it?

You need to call our customer care or contact our team. We will provide you the best support as we can.

Is it possible to edit the information?

Yes, surely it is possible to edit the information. Visit the website, login using your id and click on Edit Profile link. You will be able to edit and update your information whether it is email id, mobile number, Date of birth.

What can I do in case I don’t receive confirmation mail?

Please check your spam box first because sometimes it could have been marked spam by users. Also, add Apne11 account in your contact list. Another reason of not receiving confirmation mail is that you have registered wrong email address. So, check your registered email address again.

I don’t have too much knowledge about Fantasy sport, so how can I get it?

  • Don’t worry! If you don’t have good knowledge of fantasy sports then our team will help you to know the rules of games.
  • We have different section of How to Play for different games.
  • You can visit there and find all the relevant information related to that game.

How can I play the game?

Here are simple steps to play the fantasy sports:

  • Register yourself with Apne11
  • Create the team of your favorite players
  • join the ongoing league ( if you are joining the paid league then you need to pay entry fees by the mean of online transfer )
  • Play the league

How can I select the team?

After logging into Apne11 account, you will get an option to create your team. Select the members of your team within the virtual budget of the match.

Can I change the players in my team?

Surely, you can change the players of team. Actually, you can make shuffling of the players after every match.

Can I change the players of my team during the match?

No, you cannot change the team players during the match. You will get a chance to change your team, only after completion of the one match. For example, you have participated in the league of several matches, and then you can change your players after the match.

Why does the credit budget matters in selecting team?

This is the major challenge to create the team of best players within your budgets. There are total 100 credits given to complete your team. Every player has assigned a value. Now, this is your skill to select and make the team carefully.

What happen if my selected player does not play in the match?

This is a difficult situation because you will not get any score for the players who are not playing in the game. You need to select your team very carefully.

Can I choose all the players from one team?

No, there is a limitation on selecting players. There are defined numbers for every fantasy game for the selection. Like in football, you can select 7 members from one team.

What happen if I spend entire budget before selecting 11 players?

Your team will not be considered as complete team. It is a challenge for you to select the team within the credit of 100. These are the skills that are needed to play fantasy sports.

Is there any advantage of selecting captain?

Yes, definitely! You need to select your captain and vice-captain very carefully. Because, your selected captain will get 2 times the points he receives in game and vice-captain will get 1.5 times of his original score.

When I can make the changes in my fantasy team?

You can make the changes in your fantasy team anytime. Just remember that it is only before the deadline of game start. Once the game is start, your team will be freeze.

How long does it take to implement the changes?

The changes that will you make in your team get implemented instantly.

How can I see the ranking of my team?

You need to click on the round and then joined tab just above the league option. After that, there is a show button which will show updated points and rankings of your team and your opponents in that league.

Can I change the name of my Fantasy team?

Sorry! You cannot change the name of your fantasy team. So, choose the name of your team very carefully because once it got finalize, then you can’t change it.

How can I create multiple teams in Fantasy sport?

This is a great thing if you play with multiple teams. This can be done by clicking on + button just above the league page and your multiple teams will be added in your dashboard.

Is there any particular number for creating teams?

Yes, you can only select 6 teams in a round.

Is it possible to edit the team that I have selected in a round?

Yes, you can edit the teams but before the round deadline.

Can I join one league with multiple teams?

This is an exceptional option. You can join one league by only one team. Still, there are some leagues which allow multiple teams in one league.

Is there any option to select the team from multiple teams to play the league?

Yes, definitely there is an option to select the team for the particular league or for round 1 or round 2. This should be done before the game’s deadline.

What is public league?

Public Leagues are those leagues in which managers from all across the globe play the game. These managers are randomly assigned to a league based on the type of scoring and drafting they wish to use.

What is private league?

In private league, you can play the fantasy sports with your friends, relatives, colleagues and peers.

How canI create a game for only myself and my friends?

It is very easy to create a game for only you and your friends. Select the “invite only” option while creating your contest. You can invite whoever you want through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or by using a unique code after the game is get created.

What will happen if no one joins the game i have created?

No problem, if no one joins your contest before the game deadline. Your funds will be returned to your account and the contest will be voided.

How can I create a Private League?

It is very simple to create private league for any fantasy sports with your friends-

  • Select the Round that you want to participate in
  • Click on ‘Create League’ button
  • Create the League of your choice using the given options & join
  • Invite your friends via email, or by sharing a unique code on Facebook
  • Your friends can join this League by clicking on the link sent to them and following simple steps

How can I join the league?

You need to click on Join now button to join your favorite league.

What are skill leagues?

Skill leagues are free in which players compete against each other for pride. There is no entry fee for playing this game. This league helps you to boost your skills. When you get confident to your playing skills then you can try for the paid leagues.

Are paid leagues different from skill leagues?

Yes, they are different. Although, rules for playing both the games are same but winning is different. In paid leagues, you need to pay entry fee for playing the game. Participants in these league play for winning cash prizes. Highest scorer in the fantasy sports will be awarded with cash prizes.

What is the meaning of M in the league?

When there is more than one winner in the league, then that league will be denoted by the letter M

How will be the prize money distributed for multiple winners in a league?

Prize money will be divided equally among the winners.

What happen for the abandoned matches?

The entry fees will be refunded for the abandoned matches and round will be cancelled. If, one match round is completed, the round will be processed and winners will be declared for the same round.

What will be I rewarded for winning skill leagues and paid leagues?

For skill leagues, you will only get experience, but for paid leagues you will be rewarded by huge cash money.

Can I select my team for future games?

Yes, sure you can select the teams for future leagues too.

Can I see the team of other managers?

Sure, you can! This is only possible after the deadline because it is the element of surprise for the competition.

Why I am charged entry fees?

This is because we offer cash prizes at end of league for winners and also to follow basic amenities we charge entry fees.

How many transfers are allowed to do per week?

There are two free transfers are allotted each week. You can purchase one additional transfer using your in-game credits. You will also get an extra free transfer in every fifth game week.

How can I add money to my account?

It is very simple to add money to wallet. Click on Add funds and after that you will be guided entire process.

What are the modes of payments?

You can add money by Debit card, Credit Cards, Net Banking, Mobile payments and cash prizes.

How will the players be informed if they win a Cash prize?

The game is very transparent. Points and rankings are updated at the end of every match. You can check your ranking on the website. In case, if you win any cash prize, then it will automatically get credited in your Apne11 account.

How can I check the balance of my account?

You do not need to check the balance of your account, as it will automatically displayed on your screen. There is a wallet and you can also click on it to know the status of your payment.

Will my account details safe?

Yes, absolutely! They will remain confidential. Our manager’s safety is our major concern. To ensure the safety, we use best payment gateways that provide multiple security checks.

Will there any confirmation or notification regarding payment?

Yes, for every deduction or every payment you will receive a confirmation mail on your registered email address.

What happen, if the payment from my bank get deducted but not verified?

In this case, we will refund your payment in your respective account. Just reach out to us with our helpline or live chat method of communication.

Is there any expiry date for the unutilized amount?

Yes, there is a notice of 365 days for using unutilized money. You can only use that money for joining the leagues.

Why is it important to verify the account?

To ensure the safe payment, it is important to verify your account details completely and properly. For withdrawal of winning money it is necessary to verify the account with Apne11.

Why do I need PAN card or ID proof?

Apne11 is a completely legal website. You will win cash prize on daily basis. To ensure the legality it is a protocol to submit your PAN card number.

Why my verification is not getting successful?

This is because of many reasons. Few of them are as follows –

  • When your PAN card not get uploaded
  • When your PAN card number not get matched with your registered PAN card number
  • When Date of Birth on your PAN Card does not get match with registered PAN card number
  • When Name on your PAN Card does not get match with registered PAN card number
  • When bank details not get matched with your registered details
  • When uploaded documents are not clear
  • When there is something mis-match in account details

What is the process of verification of account?

For verifying your Apne11 account, you need to perform following steps-

  • Upload your PAN Number and PAN Card image on the website.
  • Upload bank details and bank account proof is required to get verified.
  • Verify your mobile number
  • Click on Submit Verification

How is scoring system works?

Once you have decided the team, then your points score will depend on how the players play in the real match or league. As these scores are rewarded on the basis of live performance of the selected players, so you need to select the player very carefully. Ensure that you choose a winning combination for the players for winning huge cash prizes.

How will get the update of my points?

Points get updated in every few minute. Your rank and total points will be update after the completion of match. Winners and winning amount only be declared after verification by Apne11 team.

Will I get extra point, if my players get man of the match award?

No, there are no extra points awarded for the man of the match.

What happen when there is tie between two teams?

The reward money will be divided equally between both the gamers.

How can I cross check my team points in Fantasy sports?

There is fantasy scorecard link on the website, you can cross check your fantasy sports points by clicking on it.

What is the time to avail customer care on help?

The “Live Help feature” is only available from Monday-Friday from 10.30am to 6.30pm. If you do not found us online, then you can leave a message for us and our team will reply to you, once they read the message.

How are player values decided?

The value of player is decided on the basis of real-world performances. Each player is assigned a monetary value at the start of the season. These values are just subject matter to change.

Can my players lose points?

Yes, surely they will lose the points, if they disobey the rules of game.

Is this game legal?

Absolutely, this game is completely legal game. It is the game of skills not game of chance.

Are paid games legal in India?

Yes, paid games are also legal in India. These games are approved by Supreme Court of India. Hence, you can play this game without any risk.

What is the minimum age required to play these games?

There should be a minimum of 18 years age to play these games.

Are there any taxes applicable for the winning of more than Rs.10,000?

You will be liable to pay a tax of 30.9% if your individual winnings for a single league are more than Rs. 10000. This is the law as per the Income Tax Act 1961. The remaining amount (69.10%) will be credited to your winnings balance. For e.g. If you win Rs.10,000, a tax of Rs.3,090 will be deducted and your actual winnings are Rs.6910.

Will I get any TDS certificate?

Yes, we will provide you proper TDS certificate in case of Tax deduction. You will be liable to pay other applicable taxes like shall be responsible for payment of any other applicable tax, including gift tax, etc. in respect of the Cash Prizes money won.

How can I withdrawal my winning prize?

After getting verified your account with the team of Apne11, you can easily withdraw your money from your winning amount wallet. There is a one-time verification process. You can withdraw minimum of 200 and maximum of 2 lakh at a time.

How much time it will take to get my withdrawal amount in my bank?

It will take around 4-5 days to get deposited in your account.

Can I withdraw my bonus amount?

No, you cannot withdraw your bonus amount because it is a gift from Apne11. You can use this amount in your league.

What are the necessary details required for withdrawal?

Bank Name, Bank Account Number, IFSC Code, Account Holder Name, Name of the branch These all details are just for safety purpose.

What happen if a gamer plays with multiple ids or uses his/her own referral link to create multiple accounts?

Then we deactivate that referred account for the fair play.
What happen if a gamer converts cash bonus into winnings by activities?
It is the violation of Apne11 policy. We will take back the cash bonus by making auto deduction.

Is it possible to create multiple accounts by one gamer?

No, this is strictly not allowed to create multiple accounts by one gamer.